Deep Water Running

Deep water running is an exercise that is performed in deep enough water that your feet don’t touch the bottom while your head is above water.

Simulating a good running action, with the help of flotation aids in the form of buoyancy suits, aqua-jogging belts or other floats for added support, allows you to improve fitness levels and strengthen and tone muscles without placing stress on your joints.

Our staff are trained in the techniques of aqua-running and are able to help you find the most efficient technique to simulate land running, give the body an all over workout and help improve or maintain your fitness levels.

We have the best aqua-running equipment available to help you get the best out of your sessions:

  • AQX Buoyancy suits to help suspend you in the water and position the body in the optimum posture to run
  • AQX Aqua-running shoes with strategically placed resistance fins to increase the workout by up to 30%
  • Aqua-jogging belts
  • A 1.8metere deep Aqua-running well for deep water running.
  • A 45 degree running pad where you can run into the current promoting fore-foot running
  • A self-propelling underwater treadmill

While Aqua-running is often used as a non-impact form of maintaining fitness, perhaps during injury, it can stand on its own for achieving excellent fitness and cardiovascular results. Running in water is a total body exercise that works your legs, core and upper body, and also gives your cardiovascular system a thorough workout too.

Jogging on land for 30 minutes will burn around 200 calories whereas the same length of time aqua-jogging will burn around 350 calories.

This makes aqua-jogging a fantastic exercise to include as part of a weight loss program.

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