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Hip & Knee Replacements

Main aim of treatment is to develop optimum function after surgery.

The most common problems patients face after joint replacement surgery arex-ray of joint

  • Pain
  • Muscle spasm
  • Weakness in the muscles around the new joint
  • Swollen joint
  • Loss of movement in the joint
  • Reduction in ability to perform functional tasks including the ability to walk unaided with good technique with a knee or hip replacement or simple tasks like brushing your hair with a shoulder or elbow replacement
  • Reduction in overall general fitness

Benefits of Hydrotherapy / Aquatic Physiotherapy

Reduces muscle spasm - the temperature of the water allows the surrounding muscles to relax.
Reduce Pain - this is due to a combination of less muscle spasm and less load through the joint
Reduced Swelling - by improved circulation due to the warmth of the water and the pressure of the water on the limb causes the fluid to be dispersed.
Improvement of Functional Ability - exercises are easier to perform in water due to water buoyancy, weight relief and relaxation. The patients can therefore resume normal activities earlier.
Increase Movement - this improves as pain, muscle spasm and swelling are reduced which all contribute to inhibited movement.

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