Sports Injuries

Generally any rehabilitation program for sports injuries has 3 main objectives:

  • To decrease pain and swelling
  • To encouraging the healing and the formation of new tissue in the correct areas
  • Gradual increase in activity with the ultimate aim of return to sport
  • Treatment and exercise in warm water can aid and accelerate all of these processes.

For sports men and women having an individual tailored rehabilitation program containing Hydrotherapy or Aquatic Physiotherapy will enable them to be pain free and back to sport in a shorter period of time.

The properties of the warm water help to:

1. Reduce pain and swelling as buoyancy supports the injured area enabling you to perform movements with reduced pain.

2. Increase circulation to reduce swelling and bruising

And most importantly..

3. Allows exercise immediately as the water weight bearing properties allow you to perform functional exercise without putting stress on joints or injuries. You will also be able to maintain your Cardio-vascular fitness and perform activities such as running much earlier than on land.

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