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Client Testimonials

‘I just wanted to thank you for all you guys are doing to make my knees better. I cannot believe how amazing I feel and after 11 years of constant pain in my knees I am now free from any pain.

The progress is amazing  as I can now stand up without falling over for well over 5 hours instead of 30 minutes, I have lost 9 pounds in weight, have no pain anymore, feel fitter in myself and I thoroughly enjoy the exercises.

Your company is extremely professional and I can highly recommend it to anyone who might be thinking of doing aquatic physiotherapy. It really is money well spent.

I look forward to seeing you for my next session.’


"I injured my knee over twenty years ago and had an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction.  Since that time I have had on-going problems with my knee and have had three further operations to repair torn cartilage.  During this twenty year period I have continued (against medical advice) to run. 

However, in February 2011 I injured my knee again and had not been able to do any exercise.  I had an arthroscopy in September and was referred to AquaPhysio by my physiotherapist. 

Over the last twenty years I have had extensive physiotherapy, but this was the first time that I had tried hydrotherapy. Before treatment I was unable to walk more than 50m and was limping.  I was absolutely amazed when I got out of the pool after the first session and was able to walk normally.  I have had only four sessions over a two week period and the increase in mobility and strength in my knee has been astounding.

At each session I have seen a dramatic improvement in my knee that I have never experienced during standard physiotherapy treatments.  The physiotherapists are very supportive and are clearly very experienced.  They are extremely friendly and inspirational.  Although my Consultant has suggested that I may never be able to run again, AquaPhysio has given me the best opportunity to fulfil my dream."


In August 2011 I broke my ankle and damaged the ligaments in my foot. I am a 62 year old Grandmother who had never broken anything before.

It was a great shock and for 3 weeks I was in a plaster cast up to my knee, then a further 4 weeks in an aircast Boot.   On leaving off the Boot I could hardly walk as my muscles, ligaments and ankle were so weak.

I had no confidence and was worried about falling again.

With Steve`s knowledge and constant encouragement in the wonderfully warm water, which supported my body weight, I was able to exercise the weaken ankle and so learn to walk properly again. Now 5 weeks later I am back driving the car for short distances. I have also regained my confidence to carry on a normal life.

Thank you AquaPhysio


After successful total knee replacement surgery and a short course of physiotherapy, I began my slow and painful recovery. Seeking further help, AquaPhysio was recommended, and as from the initial assessment and subsequent sessions, there has been no looking back for me.

The sincere professional help I have received has been of enormous benefit to me, both physically and also mentally. The depth and temperature of the pool along with the expert advice has meant that the exercises were enjoyable, and importantly pain free. This form of treatment is certainly the way forward and I can highly recommend it.

Thank you to all the team at AquaPhysio!


For several months, I suffered from Bursitis followed by weak muscles in my hip. I was in great pain and had limited mobility. I also completely lost my confidence. I was advised to try AquaPhysio. After the first session, there was a remarkable improvement in my walking.

Now after three sessions, I no longer need to use a stick and can walk with confidence and suffer no discomfort. I highly recommend AquaPhysio. It has given me a new lease of life.


I started hydrotherapy in May 2011 after not walking for 4 years due to crumbling spine and polymiralgia rheumatica, and osteoarthritis of the knees, feet and hips. To aid my mobility, I had a hip replacement. My consultant said that an operation on my spine, although possible, could leave me paralysed. The furthest that I could walk was from my front door to my next door neighbours.

I was very nervous as I arrived for my first hydrotherapy session in a wheelchair. Once in the water, I found the staff most encouraging, not pushing me further than I thought I could manage. I began to look forward to each session wondering what new things I would learn.

Now, after 6 months, I can walk half a mile and slowly climb a flight of stairs.

I would recommend hydrotherapy and AquaPhysio to anyone who experiences the sort of problems that I had.


I am writing to thank you for the introduction to Aqua Physio in Morden. As you are well aware this has been a very difficult time for me trying to recover from multiple injuries including two broken legs, one in three places, a broken pelvis, broken arm, shattered elbow and multiple fractures to the head.

The care, attention and professionalism I have received from Aqua Physio is incredible, from the early days when I was stuck in a wheelchair unable to put weight on my legs and being winched into the pool, to taking my first steps as the pool supported some of my body weight, to the on-going exercises I have been receiving since which has improved my walking no end.

This is an invaluable service which I will continue to use and recommend to others.


Good morning all at Aqua Physio, as you can see, I am enjoying a short holiday in Perranporth, Cornwall. Because of your help I was able to walk a few hundred metres and even attempted to throw a ball for the dog with bad arm.

Sadly, that was unsuccessful and went about six feet. However, to throw at all and not be in agony was amazing. Thank you for what has been the most effective physio I have received since my accident, I am very grateful; not just for the hydro therapy but also the skill, knowledge and care of your team.


On 14th September 2012, I had a second stage knee revision on my left knee. It was the 6th operation on my left knee, so the soft tissue on that leg was severely compromised. I had also had a total knee replacement on my right leg 4 years previously.

My Physiotherapist and consultant referred me to Steve at AquaPhysio Ltd in Garth Road, just round the corner from St Anthony’s hospital, where I had my operation.

Initially I refused but Julia, my physio, persuaded me to give it a go, so I did. I found it so much kinder to my joints and I really enjoy the exercises – the water seems to take the strain and Steve is there to encourage and help me move forward with new exercises.

I am very impressed with AquaPhysio and my mobility is going from strength to strength. Thank you all.


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