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Focus On: Aqua Running

Aqua running comes in many forms and can be a great asset to runners of all levels either as part of a training program, to up weekly mileage or to keep active and maintain fitness levels while recovering from injury. Aqua running running is also a great fitness activity, even for non-runners. It burns more calories than running on land with much less impact on your joints!

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5 Of The Best…....Free Health & Fitness Apps

There are so many health and fitness apps and gadgets out there it can sometimes be hard to choose. We’ll cover gadgets in another article but for now read on for some great apps that we’ve tested and compared for you, which you can download today! There are loads of different apps out there that do a similar or the same thing so if these don’t work for you, delete it, download another one, and find what works best for you!

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