Aqua Physio Case Studies

Case Study - A triple ankle fracture following a fall.

N.B sustained a right triple ankle fracture and dislocation following a slip and fall at home. She was brought to A&E where they wanted to operate on her ankle and hold it in place with a plate due to the complexity of the fractures. However, she did not want any metalwork in her ankle and therefore the ankle was just manipulated under anaesthetic back into the correct position. The foot was managed conservatively and put in a cast for 6 weeks. N.B. attended Aqua physio 2 months after her injury.

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Case Study - A triple ankle fracture from a road traffic accident

BH is a 59 year old gentleman who was involved in an RTA as a pedestrian in November 2017. He sustained a triple ankle fracture which required surgery to fixate and was subsequently non-weight bearing for 8 weeks after. Once his cast was removed he was fitted with a boot and allowed to fully weight bear, so his rehabilitation could now begin. His main goal was to be able to walk comfortably whilst on his cruise holiday at the beginning of March.

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Case Study - A lady with a disc protrusion in her lower back

SP is a 44 Lady who had a L4-5 disc protrusion. She had occasional low back pain on/off but nothing that stopped her from doing her normal activities. When on holidays last year and bending down she had a sudden increase in low back pain which caused it to be very difficult to move. She had an MRI which showed a L4-5 disc protrusion.

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Case Study - A footballer who was seen pre and post knee surgery (LCL and ACL Knee ligament repair)

LW is a 20 year old footballer who had a traumatic football injury where he was tackled and landed awkwardly onto his left knee. He was sent to A&E where an X-ray revealed he had an avulsion fracture of the head of fibula. He had an MRI following this and this showed he had ruptured his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and lateral collateral ligament (LCL) as well as sustaining ruptures to his biceps femoris tendon (part of hamstrings) and popliteus tendon.

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Case Study - Hamstring Injury In Semi Professional Footballer

A semi-professional football player had sustained a hamstring injury while reaching with his leg to control a ball. He was managed pitch side by his team physiotherapist and referred for a MRI. On imaging it showed a grade 1-2 tear of the biceps femoris (hamstring) tendon between the long and short head, with a large amount of oedema.

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