HG – Long History of Knee pain

HG presented to AquaPhysio in October 2011 after a long history of bilateral knee pain. His history included Osgood schlatters as a 13 year old and 5 arthroscopies for ligament and cartilage issues. Most recently bilateral lateral releases had been performed without relief from pain.

HG was only able to walk one mile and stand for less than 20 minutes without pain.

He was not doing any exercise due to pain, he reported occasional giving way and clicking on doing stairs.

On assessment HG had full range of knee range of movement, tight ilio-tibial band and weak gluteal muscles. A pool exercise program of stretching and strengthening was started, together with a progressive fitness regime. The focus was on strengthening the gluteals, stretching put tight structures and progressively loading the knees.

HG attended regular one to one treatments for 6 weeks and then continued self-help for 6 months with frequent reviews and progressions. HG was able to complete 30 minutes of deep water running on discharge. By the end of treatment HG was able to walk for as long as he wanted and stood at a meeting for 5 hours without pain.

What the patient said:

I just wanted to thank you for all you guys are doing to make my knees better. I cannot believe how amazing I feel and after 11 years of constant pain in my knees I am now free from any pain. The progress is amazing  as I can now stand up without falling over for well over 5 hours instead of 30 minutes, I have lost 9 pounds in weight, have no pain anymore, feel fitter in myself and I thoroughly enjoy the exercises. Your company is extremely professional and I can highly recommend it to anyone who might be thinking of doing aquatic physiotherapy. It really is money well spent.

I look forward to seeing you for my next session.

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