JA - Post TKR

JA underwent a second revision of her left TKR on 4 September 2012 and was initially assessed at the pool on 22 September.

JA had a long history of left knee problems and had initially had her knee replaced in August 2009. Her first revision was completed in March 2011 but the joint became loose and this led to the second revision in September 2012.

On assessment JA was walking with 2 elbow crutches with a slight limp, pain was moderate and her range of movement was -5 degrees extension and 89 degrees flexion. Her aim was to regain functional ability, walking distance and to improve her confidence.

An early pool knee rehabilitation program was started with JA including stretching, gait retraining and some low level strengthening exercises. She was seen by the therapist on 4 occasions in the pool and progressed on each exercise. JA then completed 4 self-help treatments, coming into the pool independently and completing a series of prescribed exercises on her laminated card.

JA was then again reviewed by her therapist and exercises progressed before again continuing with her new self-help program.

In January 2013 she was again reviewed and at this stage her knee had 125 degrees of flexion, full extension and more importantly she was able to do everything she wanted to do functionally.

What the patient said:

On 14th September 2012, I had a second stage knee revision on my left knee. It was the 6th operation on my left knee, so the soft tissue on that leg was severely compromised. I had also had a total knee replacement on my right leg 4 years previously. My Physiotherapist and consultant referred me to Steve at AquaPhysio Ltd in Garth Road, just round the corner from St Anthony’s hospital, where I had my operation. Initially I refused but Julia, my physio, persuaded me to give it a go, so I did. I found it so much kinder to my joints and I really enjoy the exercises – the water seems to take the strain and Steve is there to encourage and help me move forward with new exercises. I am very impressed with AquaPhysio and my mobility is going from strength to strength. Thank you all.

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