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Aerobic fitness - the evidence for aqua running

Aqua running, or deep water running, is practiced by those looking to improve fitness or by those seeking to maintain fitness after injury and there is strong evidence to suggest that aqua running is extremely useful in maintaining or improving aerobic fitness. The popularity of aqua running stems from its ability to reduce repetitive strain and stress from musculoskeletal loading that is normally associated with land-based running. Therefore substituting aquatic exercise for land running is useful to individuals with an injury but also those more at risk or susceptible to an overuse injury.

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The secret for achieving your running personal best

Whatever type of running you enjoy be it marathon, triathlon or simply to improve your fitness, you want to run your best. Achieving your running personal best is a wonderful feeling. It has been established that improvements to your pulmonary system can have dramatic effect on your running performance. The pulmonary system comprises of the lungs, the airways and the muscles that help us breathe. Read more to find out how!

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5 Reasons To Workout In Water

This is from a really nice article by Swim-Ex, who supplied our pool, about exercising in water 5 Reasons To Workout: 1.Water’s weightlessness results in less joint stress 2.Less joint stress means less pain 3.Less pain leads to more effective workouts 4.More effective workouts build strength and endurance 5.Strength and endurance equal well-being for a healthy life

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AquaPhysio Total Knee Data

Check out how AquaPhysio has been performing on Total Knee Replacement patients. We have seen 78 new knees between 2012-2014 and we now have data to prove how effective aquatic physiotherapy is in helping increase flexion and extension of the new knee joint in the space of 4 sessions.

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