AQx Aquatic Training Shoes now at AquaPhysio

AQx Aquatic Training shoes are designed to simulate land running movements whilst in a low-impact or zero-gravity water environment and we have them to use at AquaPhysio.

If you are already running at AquaPhysio, please ask try out a pair. Equally if you aren’t already a user let us set you a running program in our pool.

Aquatic running can be used by sportsmen and women as an extra running session without increasing the load on the joints, part of a weight management program or can be used as part of your injury rehabilitation program to maintain your aerobic fitness and muscle strength whilst recovering.

AQx Aquatic Training Shoes have strategically placed hydrodynamic fins on each side. This adds 20-30% more resistance to aquatic exercises at medium pace and proven to increase caloric expenditure by 9% at a sub-maximal level as compared to running barefoot in the water.

Come Down and Try them out!