BLG – long term management

BLG suffered 2 hairline fractures of her femoral condyle and a sprained ankle after falling. She was managed with a cricket pad splint and crutches and was not allowed to weight bear for the initial few weeks. BLG has a long history of lower back problems and so it was agreed that some pool treatment may be of benefit to her at this early stage.

She exercised in the deep well in this early stage in order to maintain range of movement in her hip and knee, as well as to ensure her back did not deteriorate. The deep well ensured that she would not weight bear through the knee and be able to move freely and not stress other parts of her body.

As per the consultants recommendations weight bearing was gradually increased and subsequently the different depths of the pool were utilised to allow for this increase in weight bearing.

BLG then was able to work on her gait in a pain free manner as well as including some stretching and general strengthening exercises.

There was steady progression of exercises as the fractures healed to a point where BLG was able to utilise the current to assist in regaining strength, balance and CV fitness.

BLG is still under review of her consultant, but pain and range have improved and she is now able to walk with only one crutch. She has not had any reoccurrence of her lower back pain and her knee movement is improving steadily.