KM – Road Traffic Accident

KM was referred to AquaPhysio after suffering multiple injuries after a road traffic accident.

He suffered right patellectomy, an open facture of his right femur with extensive soft tissue damage and a fracture of his right head of humerous.

On assessment he had vastly decreased range of movement in his right shoulder as extensive pain. His right knee flexion was restricted to 50 degrees and surgery was planned to improve this movement.

Initially, his shoulder was the priority and a pool exercise program was started to address the range of movement and pain, as well as improve the muscle control and stability.

On assessment range of movement in his right shoulder was 90 degrees flexion and 75 degrees abduction, both restricted by pain. KM attended on 7 occasions for one to one treatment with the therapist in the pool and his exercises were progressed and changed accordingly.

On discharge he had 130 degrees of flexion, 100 degrees of abduction and pain scores had halved.

At this stage KM underwent corrective surgery on his right quadriceps and he returned to AquaPhysio 2 months later to address his right knee. Knee range of movement at this stage was 90 degrees flexion and the goal was to achieve 120 degrees of movement in order to be able to cycle and be functional.

Over the subsequent 4 weeks KM was able to gradually reduce his pain relief but at the same time maintain the intensity of his rehabilitation. He has attended the pool on a further 4 occasions with range of movement in his right knee improving to 102 degrees. He is walking much further distances, attending the gym regularly and his pain is vastly improved. Treatment is on-going.

What the patient said:

Good morning all at Aqua Physio. As you can see, I am enjoying a short holiday in Perranporth, Cornwall. Because of your help I was able to walk a few hundred metres and even attempted to throw a ball for the dog with bad arm. Sadly, that was unsuccessful and went about six feet. However, to throw at all and not be in agony was amazing. Thank you for what has been the most effective physio I have received since my accident, I am very grateful; not just for the hydro therapy but also the skill, knowledge and care of your team.