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Aqua Fitness

Aquatic fitness is one of the most popular forms of exercise today. Many people are choosing to exercise in water as part of their fitness regime or as a low-impact alternative to exercising on land.

At AquaPhysio we are able to offer a variety of aquatic fitness activities from aqua-running, to exercising against the current. Whether you are looking to take your first tentative steps back into exercising after a long lay-off or you are an elite athlete looking to maintain activity whilst injured or to supplement you current training, we will have a program to suit your requirements.

Aqua-running is a great form of exercise for:

  • Those who find exercising on land too painful
  • Maintaining aerobic fitness whilst injured
  • Supplementing athletic training without stressing joints
  • Improving muscle strength and stamina
  • As part of a weight loss program

Aquatic Fitness Exercises

Partial weight bearing Aqua-running on a 45 degree incline running pad into the current


Non weight bearing Aqua-running in the 6ft deep well using an Aqua-jogging belt


Swimming into the current


Exercising into the current


Exercising on the plyometric pads



Specialist equipment – Aquatic buoyancy suits and training shoes











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