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Swim Stroke Video Capture

For triathletes and swimmers alike, the most important thing in becoming a faster swimmer is technique but the optimum front crawl stroke can be hard to master.

Triathletes spend hours on rigorous training programmes to achieve perfection, but if their technique is not efficient then they will never reach their true potential and keep up with their fellow competitors.

Performance can be improved through drag-reduction and removing movement patterns that waste energy, but this can be difficult for a swimmer to decipher without any visual cues. In addition to this, it is impossible to thoroughly assess swim technique when only looking at what is going on above the water, technique must also be viewed from below the water for a true representation of the strokes biomechanics.

Video capture is the best way for you or your coach to be able to assess your swimming performance and technique and look for where improvements can be made, helping propel you towards a new PB!

What to expect:

Our state of the art SwimEx pool has a variable speed current that allows continuous swimming without the need to turn. The current can run at speeds to suit newcomers to swimming or triathlons right up to higher end triathletes who are swimming at sub-20 minutes for 1500m.

During your session we will:

  • Spend 15-20 minutes with you letting you warm up and then capturing your swim stroke
  • Record you from 6 different angles in high resolution video (above and below the water) swimming against a variable speed current which will allow you to swim at your natural pace during the session
  • Email your footage to you within 24 hours

Swim stroke video capture session - £35 (Currently unavailable due to COVID restrictions)

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