Benefits of Hydrotherapy / Aquatic Physiotherapy

Relief of Pain and Muscle Spasm

The properties of the water support the body or limb and enable you to move it with less effort than on land – this is particularly important if you are injured.

Maintain or Increase joint movement

The temperature of the water (approx 35 degrees centigrade) helps to reduce pain and aid relaxation of the muscles surrounding the affected areas.

Strengthening of weak or injured muscles or prevention of muscle wasting by exercise

Your blood warms from the temperature of the water and when this reaches your muscles it causes their temperature to rise. When muscles are warm they contract more easily and efficiently. This in turn means you can build up the strength and endurance of your muscles without them getting so fatigued.

Improved circulation

The warm water causes the blood vessel diameters to open up and this in turn increases the blood supply to the skin.

Improve balance and co-ordination

Maintain and improve balance, co-ordination, walking and posture whether this is due to injury, pain, surgery or general age related deterioration. – The water can be used as support as the water provides buoyancy. The properties of water drag or turbulence can also be utilised in more advanced rehabilitation work to provide an environment that challenges stability.

Boost morale

By being able to exercise when you are unable to exercise on land due to pain or restrictions of surgery, injury or disease.

Reduction of muscle tone

Reduction of muscle tone and provision of body support for people who have suffered from Neurological Conditions.

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