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Therapy Rates

Individual Initial assessment (45-60min) - £75

This is a combination of land assessment and pool session

Follow up Treatment Session (30min) - £68

You will be working 1 to 1 with a physiotherapist where your personalised program will be maintained and updated.

The ideal way to speed up rehabilitation and fitness.

Self-management sessions (30min)

£20 per session / 5 sessions for £87.50 / 10 sessions for £150

These sessions are a cost effective way to enjoy the benefits of the aquatic therapy pool and to continue to follow your prescribed exercise program

These sessions are in small groups of up to 3 people unsupervised but help will be on hand to get equipment etc.

AquaFitness rates and other Aquatic therapy package rates are available - please make an enquiry if you are interested.

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