Aqua Physio Case Studies

Case study - Total Knee Replacement

WW is a busy landlady, spending 12 hours a day on her feet almost 7 days a week so she was keen to get back on her feet as soon as possible. WW self-referred to Aqua-Physio 4 weeks post left total knee replacement surgery; and having had aquatic therapy following her right knee replacement 18 months prior to this, she knew of the benefits and was keen to progress with this knee.

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Case Study - Rugby player with a sprained ankle

NL sprained his ankle whilst playing Rugby. In order to maintain his fitness whilst injured and attempt to boost recovery time back to playing, the physiotherapy staff recommended NL to attend Aqua-Physio. He made an excellent recovery during this period and felt he had received first rate care. A successful return to Rugby was achieved.

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Case Study - Left 5th metatarsal pain after running

JP - Left 5th metatarsal pain after running BACKGROUND 33 year old male, previously a rugby player (prop). 2-3 months ago started training for the NYC marathon (coming up in 2 weeks, 6-11-16) Started getting pain 2-3 weeks ago in left foot after a long run. Previously torn right calf (10-12 years ago) **potentially favours or puts more pressure through L foot/leg habitually because of this**

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John Melbourne has been victorious in the Heroes Ultra Marathon

We are delighted to report Tadworth Athletic Club runner John Melbourne has been victorious in the Heroes Ultra Marathon which took place on the 21st of May 2016 in Crete, Greece. The gruelling event involves running from southern to northern Crete with over 5400 metres of climbing. One of our physio’s Phil caught up with John recently to talk about the event and why he chose AquaPhysio for his recovery.

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ER - Competitive club runner

ER is a competitive club runner who for 3 years was intermittently experiencing pain in the back of her left thigh. After assessment at Aqua Physio she was diagnosed with a hamstring tendon problem secondary to poor muscular control around her hip. ER started a programme of exercise for the control problems she was experiencing around her hip and began aqua running once a week supplementing a regular training run on land. ER cites aqua running as the contributing factor that has enabled her to train without injury and improve her running fitness.

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