Case study - Total Knee Replacement

WW is a busy landlady, spending 12 hours a day on her feet almost 7 days a week so she was keen to get back on her feet as soon as possible.  WW self-referred to Aqua-Physio 4 weeks post left total knee replacement surgery; and having had aquatic therapy following her right knee replacement 18 months prior to this, she knew of the benefits and was keen to progress with this knee.

On initial assessment 4 weeks post-op she had very good knee ROM and was mobilising independently with a slight limp.  She did however have significant weakness in her quads, gluts and hamstrings on the left side and her main goal with aquatic therapy was to improve strength and endurance with walking.

After two 1:1 sessions where an individualised programme was set for WW, including aqua running to improve fitness, she continued with self-management sessions 3 times per week.  WW was reviewed after 5 self-management session; she showed significant improvements in her strength throughout and reported being able to walk for longer than she could before.  Her programme was progressed and she continued with self-management sessions until her holiday; she is keen to continue with her exercises whilst away.  She is due to be reviewed again on her return.

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