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Equipment Focus - The Underwater Treadmill

Many of you may have seen or read about how Mo Farah and other top athletes use underwater treadmills as part of their training. Read about how we use ours at AquaPhysio and how running on an underwater treadmill can help reduce any pain experienced whilst running on land and allow a return to running earlier than may have been possible with a standard rehabilitation programme.

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RE - Ankle fracture and ligament sprain

RE is a 15 year old semi professional footballer who sustained an un-displaced fracture and grade 2 ligament sprain to his right ankle in November 2013 whilst playing in a match. After several weeks of ankle immobilisation in a plaster boot he was given the all clear from his Orthopaedic consultant to begin his rehabilitation.

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DP - Spinal surgery

DP underwent a right L5/S1 Discectomy on 9 December 2011, after a 6 month history of progressively worsening Lower back pain. This 50 year old gentleman owned his own company and needed to return to run his business which involved climbing, driving and desk work. He enjoyed boxing and gym work in the past and had to cease all activity for the 6 month prior to his operation due to pain.

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Equipment Focus - AquaFins

New equipment arrival at AquaPhysio is a pair of AquaFins. Many of you will have used blue ankle floats while exercising to use buoyancy as an aid to your exercises. AquaFins use increased resistance and drag to increase the intensity of your exercises and help further strengthen muscles.

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