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August 2014

New Equipment - Aqua-Band

The Aqua-Band and Aqua-Band Loop are 2 new products that we now use and sell at AquaPhysio. They are resistance band products that are designed to be used in water and are both chlorine tested and latex-free. Many of you will have used similar bands on land (Thera-Band) and these offer the same versatility and broad range of uses for both Physiotherapy and fitness programs.

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Equipment Focus - The Underwater Treadmill

Many of you may have seen or read about how Mo Farah and other top athletes use underwater treadmills as part of their training. Read about how we use ours at AquaPhysio and how running on an underwater treadmill can help reduce any pain experienced whilst running on land and allow a return to running earlier than may have been possible with a standard rehabilitation programme.

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