Case Study: Patient paralysed from a motorcycle accident

In March 2003 TSP was knocked off his motorcycle and thrown under the path of the oncoming traffic. The accident left him paralysed from the chest down and he thought he would be unable to ski or ride a motorcycle again.

After sustaining his injuries, TSP went on to compete for Great Britain, skiing at the Paralympics in Canada and has since returned to motorcycling and has had some amazing achievements, including 2015 World Champion 600cc (Paralysed category) and 2nd place 600cc (all disabled categories) at Bridgestone World Cup in Italy.

After a subsequent fall from his bike in 2015, he came to AquaPhysio for an assessment of his shoulder and neck. Treatment in the pool initially comprised of lengthening tight muscles around his trapezius (shoulders) and strengthening his upper back and neck, which has allowed him to progress steadily to his normal level of functioning. TSP has benefited from the hydrostatic pressure and buoyancy of AquaPhysio’s hydrotherapy pool, which helped to ease his movement, assist his stretches and reduce swelling around his injury site.