ER - Competitive club runner

ER is a competitive club runner who for 3 years was intermittently experiencing pain in the back of her left thigh. This seemed to be an overloading problem as shorter runs under 10km were manageable but at around the 14km mark her thigh became painful.

After assessment at Aqua Physio she was diagnosed with a hamstring tendon problem secondary to poor muscular control around her hip which when fatigued was causing an overloading problem.

ER started a programme of exercise for the control problems she was experiencing around her hip and began aqua running once a week supplementing a regular training run on land. Over a number of weeks her muscular control improved and by reducing her weekly dry land mileage her symptoms began to resolve.

Through continued aqua running ER has continued to run pain free and she has achieved numerous personal best times up to and including marathon distance. ER cites aqua running as the contributing factor that has enabled her to train without injury and improve her running fitness.