Case Study - Left 5th metatarsal pain after running

JP - Left 5th metatarsal pain after running

33 year old male, previously a rugby player (prop).
2-3 months ago started training for the NYC marathon (coming up in 2 weeks, 6-11-16)
Started getting pain 2-3 weeks ago in left foot after a long run.
Previously torn right calf (10-12 years ago) **potentially favours or puts more pressure through L foot/leg habitually because of this**

Pain (ache) usually lasts for 2-3 days but improves with rest. There is no bruising but some swelling, as well as no sudden incidence of impact or injury to the foot.

Going from a sport based on grass (low GRF, reactive surface) to one based primarily on roads (high GRF, non-reactive surface) will have huge impacts on the body. After years of conditioning the body to a sport that requires high power (primarily) to one that requires high endurance means making gradual adaptations to not only musculature, but also body mass and bone density (Wolff’s Law).

Due to the nature of the injury/pain, it is indicative of a severe stress response due to the change in physical activity (surface, intensity, volume, load, etc.). If left untreated, continuing the existing exercise program may lead to this becoming a stress fracture.

Hydrotherapy - aqua-jogging (gravity free) to maintain fitness and continue physical adaptations to running (without the impact and GRF on your bones and other tissues). Also, to prepare for the marathon in 2 weeks.