Case Study - Rugby player with a sprained ankle

NL sprained his ankle whilst playing Rugby. He was attended to on pitch side by the club physiotherapy staff and fitted with a brace.  His Rugby club medical staff realised he was looking at a reasonably prolonged time out of the game and was unable to train fully due to the ankle injury. In order to maintain his fitness whilst injured and attempt to boost recovery time back to playing, the physiotherapy staff recommended NL to attend Aqua-Physio.

He completed two physiotherapy led sessions with one of Aqua-Physio’s specialist aquatic physiotherapists to establish a sustainable and progressive programme in the water. He then switched to some self-managed sessions over the coming two weeks. These sessions comprised of gait re-education; aquatic running; controlled plyometric work; ankle balance and calf activation exercises. He made an excellent recovery during this period and felt he had received first rate care.

Successful return to Rugby was achieved and managed by the physiotherapy staff at his rugby club who had been updated throughout Nick’s course of treatment at Aqua-Physio and managed his dry land rehabilitation regime throughout. For sportsmen and women this is probably the optimum way in which to manage an injury.