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SL - Right Knee Arthroscopy Due To Torn Cartilage

Mr L is a 27 year old teacher who underwent a right knee arthroscopy due to torn cartilage. His main hobbies include rock climbing and road cycling.

He started rehabilitation with the physiotherapists at AquaPhysio 2 weeks after surgery. Initially, he focused on gentle exercises in the water to aid joint range of movement, maintain muscle strength and restore a normal walking pattern. This was, in part, achieved by using the 6ft well where he used the aqua-running belt to run and cycle in a non-weight bearing environment. The hydrostatic properties of the water also aided in reducing swelling at this stage. Within only 2 weeks, Mr L was able to progress onto jogging into the current and jumping on the plyometric pads.

Within 1 month of surgery, Mr L was cycling on his road bike regularly. He was also running on our underwater treadmill in the pool which reduced joint forces at his knee whilst placing increased demand on the surrounding muscles, maintained his cardiovascular fitness and provided the confidence to start to run on the knee.

In less than 2 months, Mr L had made a full functional recovery and he had returned to light indoor rock climbing.

Mr L said "Thanks to you all, I'm back on my feet, back on my bike and soon to be back on outdoor rock again. In a mere 6 weeks, I've gone from limping and taking stairs one at a time to running up the stairs and doing 30 mile sprint cycling sessions around Richmond Park. I can't stress how much it means to me to have my body back up and working. When I'm sweating, when I'm pushing myself hard, that's when I'm at peace. Moving body = Happy me! So thank you for your expert care and advice. I am looking forward to long walks, hikes and maybe a few triathlons!"