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Sports injury? Unable to train or compete? Help is at hand!

You can maintain your fitness and boost your recovery by exercising in our sports specific hydrotherapy pool.

Don’t just take our word for it, here is what our patients say:


John Melbourne (Ultra runner) – Bruised knee

"After a fall onto my knee whilst competing I found myself injured during a crucial time in my training for an Ultra running event.”

“Aqua running seemed to help boost my recovery & helped to maintain my fitness whilst I was injured and unable to run on land.”

John went on to win his Ultra race across Crete – read the full story here


Nick Lovell (Rugby player) – Ankle sprain

“I would not hesitate in recommending Aqua Physio to anybody - injured or not! There is a nice variety of exercises you can do in the pool - ranging between rehab and cardio. All the staff are extremely friendly, and the introduction to the facilities is well done.”
“On a personal level - I play rugby and injured my ankle, meaning that I was unable to do most forms of training. My club sent me here and introduced me to Wendy who was incredibly useful in both understanding my injury and formulating a plan for the following 2 weeks. By following her plan, I believe I have fast-forwarded my recovery, and am back in training now. It has been extremely useful in helping me build up strength again in my ankle - but also keeping me working so that I returned to training without having lost too much fitness.”

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Jamie Pearson (Rugby player turned marathon runner) – Stress Fracture

“My experience of Aqua-Physio has been absolutely fantastic."

“A month ago I ran the New York Marathon. It took my 5hours 32 minutes so wasn't the quickest time, but then again, I also weigh 123kg. In the run up to the event I was having a fair amount of pain on the outside of my left foot and my physio in London said that I should try some aqua jogging. She was concerned that I was going to get a stress fracture if I continued with the last month of training. Having never heard of aqua jogging before I was fairly cynical but I had also trained fairly hard so was willing to give anything a go rather than risk an injury.”

“The benefit of aqua jogging is that you get all the benefits of a cardio workout but it is completely non weight bearing. In fact, it's pretty hard work!”

“I was made to feel incredibly welcome at Aqua-Physio, the staff are all lovely and clearly very knowledgeable. After a quick once over with one of their Physio's, we jumped into the pool together and I was asked to put on a running specific wetsuit that aids buoyancy and taken to an area in the pool where I was given a full demonstration of how to adopt the correct technique. 30 minutes later, having been put through my paces I was puffing pretty hard and felt like I'd had a really decent workout.”

“Having done this introductory session I was then able to book slots as and when they were available and go and do some training to keep general fitness up.”
“Everyone was genuinely lovely and if you need any rehab or just want some additional fitness then I couldn't recommend them highly enough.”

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Sam Leech (Cyclist & Rock Climber)  – Post operative knee (meniscal resection)

“Thanks to you all I’m back on my feet, back on my bike and soon to be back on outdoor rock again. In a mere 6 weeks, I’ve gone from limping and taking stairs one at a time to running up the stairs and doing 30 mile sprint sessions around Richmond Park. I can’t stress how much it means to me to have my body back up and working. When I’m sweating, when I’m pushing myself hard, that’s when I’m at peace. Moving body = happy me! So thanks you for your expert care and advice. I’m looking forward to long walks, hikes and maybe a few triathlons.”

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